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Definition of a 'Human Dynamo':


1. 'A highly energetic and indefatigable person'.

2.'An energetic person with unusual initiative'.

Rob Uivel

Founding Director

Rob is the original Human Dynamo and founder of the company. Rob is a highly skilled problem solver, with a wealth of experience of materials and processes. He has over 30 years of experience in the model making industry

"You spend a lot of your life working. So it's best to make your work something you like doing."

Sue Dorrington


Sue is Human Dynamo's artist director. She shares the directorship of the company with Rob Uivel.

Sue is a talented artist, and conceptual thinker.  

"Never stop looking."

Deb West


Deb is Human Dynamo's book keeping staff member, keeping the company's financial requirements afloat while the rest buzz away at the workshop. 

Deb has been an independent book keeping contractor at Bookkeeping Plus since 2011.

Dominic Taylor

Senior Industrial Designer

Dominic is a resourceful and imaginative Senior Designer. He has a strength for inventiveness and is most happy when tinkering on inventions in the shed. Dominic holds a Diploma in Industrial Design from Wellington Polytechnic (now Massey University). Independently, Dominic has been involved in many movies and projects and was especially known for his work with bullet hits and blood rigs.

   “I like to make things that work. I have spent my time building mechanisms and 
   prototype manufacturing machines for various companies in Wellington and New Zealand.”

Garry Buckley

Senior Industrial Designer

Garry is a versatile and talented Senior Designer.  His creative career began in the UK with a degree in Dimensional Design.  His attention to small components has found him working as a Toy Designer, on Miniatures for Film, and in Architectural model making.  

Garry is a technical designer, an independent artist/illustrator, and is known for his work on the Hobbit Trilogy.

Matthew Houghton

Production Manager / Fabricator

Matt has a passion for making and creating. His roots in the world of fabrication began 20 years ago when he started his career in professional boat building in Auckland, NZ. Throughout that time, he was involved with teams focusing on both build and repair of world class boats and yachts, leading expertise in composite, fibreglass and wood construction.

Matt has since adapted his skills to tackle a diverse range of technically demanding yet rewarding projects.

Tony Drawbridge

Industrial Designer / Modelmaker

Tony is highly experienced in the props industry, with his career spanning many feature films including the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, King Kong, the Hobbit trilogy, Blade Runner 2049, and the Mortal Engines film adaptation. 

Tony completed a product design degree in 1995, and is an all rounder workshop technician with years of experience and knowledge.


Tim Holman

Industrial Designer / Modelmaker

Tim is a highly experienced model maker and fabricator, beginning his craft in the UK, completing his design training at 1993. He proceeded to work in prototyping, design, and advertising for Forum Design and Liquid FX. 

Arriving in NZ in 2001, he has also been a part of multiple film industry art departments and a variety of modelmaking assignments locally and abroad.


Sacha Lees

Master Painter / Senior Artist

Sacha is an experienced finisher specializing in realism airbrushing. She is a highly creative individual whom brings a knowledge and sensitivity of detail enabling Human Dynamos models to come to 'life'.

In her career she has been a conceptual artist / designer, modelmaker and sculptor on notable films such as the L.O.T.Rs trilogies. 

Outside of Human Dynamo Sacha is also a successful fine artist oil painter. 

Nathan Aarts 

Industrial Designer / Workshop Tech

Nathan is a versatile technician, predominantly involved in modelmaking, metalwork, and general fabrication. He has been with the team since early 2017 and completed his Massey Industrial Design Honours degree the same year.

Elliot Gonzales

Design and CNC Technician

Elliot is a workshop generalist, attending to digital fabrication, CAD, modelmaking, media & web management, and administration duties.

He is a Massey University Industrial Design Honours Graduate, starting with the company on February 2017.

Adelle Kristensen

Modelmaker / Artist

Adelle is a prop maker, completing her training in Sydney, Australia. She attended the NIDA (National Institute of Dramatic Arts) Properties and Objects course, receiving extensive experience in modelmaking for theatre and film. After working within the Australian industry, Adelle returned to NZ to apply her skills in Wellington.

In 2019 Adelle starred in the 'Design Junkies' TV series, where she was able to showcase her skills creating furniture and artworks from scrap and salvaged materials.


Joe Bridley

Designer, Maker and CNC Manager 


Patrick Crowe-Rishworth

Fabricator and Maker



Lucy Goodwin

CAD Designer and Maker


Luke Sinclair

CAD Designer and Maker

Past and Present Human Dynamos.

Over the years Human Dynamo Workshop has employed many creative individuals with incredible talents and skills. 

Their integrity and passion has shaped our portfolios and reputation. Some were subcontractors that have just been with us for a short while, while others became long standing members of our company. 

Many have gone on to become successful model makers, entrepreneurs and business owners in their own right. 

Human Dynamo's directors would like to acknowledge and thank them all for putting a bit of themselves into the work produced here at Human Dynamo Workshop.

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