World Cultural Expo Aichi Japan 2005

World Cultural Expo Aichi Japan 2005
Another name for New Zealand is Aotearoa, meaning land of the long white cloud. Human Dynamo was contracted by the display company; Story Inc, to create a giant cloud installation in the NZ pavilion, for the World Cultural Expo in Aichi Japan 2005. This work included concept developement, manufacture, freighting and mounting systems. Many large mesh framework clouds were created and covered in layers of dacron/polyester fibre.
The finished pieces covered a total of 75 square meters and only just fitted into one shipping container.
The Aotearoa (Long White Cloud) installation, also rained down water onto a large Ponamu (New Zealand green jade) boulder. A specially made fountain, like a large shower head was fitted into the swirling cloud to achieve this affect.

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