Weta for Hukawhai Glacier Centre

Weta for Hukawhai Glacier Centre
Hukawhai Glacier Centre provides a glacier themed experience for tourists situated in the New Zealand, South Island town and glacier area of Franz Josef. This is a 3 metre long fiberglass scale model and is one of several exhibits we did for them. It is an accurate enlargement of a male Wellington tree Weta. (A large grasshopper like insect that is native to New Zealand).

We used both live and dead specimens for reference when sculpting this Weta.

the original sculpt was done using plasticine over an aluminum framework.
The sculpt was then moulded silicone jacket moulds and cast in polyseter resin fibreglass. 

The finished insect is hollow fiberglass with a beautiful hand-painted finish.

As we created and retained the moulds for this Weta additional giant, creepy Wetas can be ordered and purchased from us. See Contacts for inquiries.

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