CNC Router Cutting

We have four CNC router cutting machines that output 2D profile cutting and 3D milling. We offer creation of files and design services or we can translate most existing files formats. 

The majority of film-set components for the movie ‘AVATAR’, shot in Miramar Studios, were produced on our router cutters. We interpreted the 3D files supplied from the designers, to create the many different film set components for the movie. The CNC's cut a wide range of materials very quickly, accurately and economically.

We give you a quoted price before starting your job pathway, at a competitive price.

Machine Sizes

CNC router cutting machines:

- Three axis CNC router : 3000L x 1500W x 200H mm.

- Three axis CNC router :  2500L x 1300W x 200H mm.

- Roland MDX540 three axis CNC router : 500L x 400W x 155H mm. The roland is precise up to 0.001mm.

 - Onsrud 3 axis CNC  panel pro - 3.6 m L x 1.5m W x 200mm H (the z axis.)


- Cibatool

- MDF and composite boards

- Plastic - Acrylic, PVC, ABS

- Aluminium

- Solid timber

- Plywood

- Polystyrene and Polyurethane 

You can find out more about our CNC services by checking out our CNC Workshop or contacting us with your idea