Film work

Human Dynamo Workshop is situated in the heart of the Wellington film industry. We produce very high quality props, sets, miniatures, character/creature creation, break away prop and set pieces, animatronic puppets, continuity firelogs and prosthetics. We are also reliable and efficient with our CNC router cutting, laser cutting and 3D printing services. We are confidential and discreet with any files and projects that come through our workshops. You can come to us with any project, below are just a few examples of the work we do. 


(pictured right: Wax blossoms for a TV commercial)

Human Dynamo Workshop is confident and experienced in it's ability to produce high quality props for film productions. We can work in any material or process associated with props making and can take on a job of any scale. We can work on any aspect of a project, from design to full completion of a prop and can work on set with install and set up. We are able to complete jobs to tight deadlines and we always go the extra mile. 


(Pictured right: Ice cave set for Antarctic Journal)

Human Dynamo Workshop can create beautiful and realistic sets. We are capable of large scale CNC projects and polystyrene sculpting. We can make sets under any brief and aesthetic. Human Dynamo has a particular strength in it's ability to create set's perfectly to specification using file interpretations and our CNC workshop, alongside our talented crew. 


(Pictured right: Miniature for Stealth)

Human Dynamo Workshop makes incredible miniature sets, props and set pieces. We can also CNC miniature set and landscape pre-visuals for pre-production.

Fire Logs

(Pictured right: An example of some fireproof cement pinecones)

We have a huge range of moulds and a catalogue of fireproof logs that we can create for continuity in fireplace or campfire scenes.

Breakaway props and set

(Pictured right: Replica of ancient artifact for breakaway props)

We are able to make multiples of breakable props from scratch or replicate them from existing props and artifacts.


(Pictured right: Stop motion characters for a John Lewis TV commercial)

Human Dynamo is able to create any creature, character or object. We can make anything purpose built to move, break, collapse, sink, float, you name it. We are great with animatronics, blood rigs, on set handling of props. We are happy to accommodate whatever your model making requirements are.

Check out more of our film work in our portfolios or get in touch to find out more about what we can do for you.