Human Dynamo Workshop is able to produce one off pieces, limited runs of an outcome, componentry, and complete manufacturing.

Our Workshops are fitted with standard carpentry and joinery equipment and tools. This facility fulfills a wide range of job requirements; manufacture, fabrication, part components or cabinetry which is often required for display. Construction from this space also includes supports for architectural models, dispatch cases, film set components or props and more.


Our facilities include:

  • table saw 
  • belt sanders 
  • band saw 
  • drop saw 
  • drill presses  
  • lathe 
  • grinder 
  • mig and tig welding
  • CNC machines
  • laser cutters
  • 3D printers
  • hand tools
  • power tools

Human Dynamo Workshop can produce beautiful limited edition runs of your product or design for you.