Moulding and casting

Moulding and casting are very useful methods of production and replication. We can sculpt originals to be moulded and cast, or we can work off of a digital file, CNC cut it, mould it and cast it.



We create moulds in a range of materials including silicone, plaster, MDF, wood and epoxy or polyester resin fibreglass.

Our CNC routers and 3D printers are useful for generating moulds or originals. We can create an original to mould and/or cast for you, either on the computer or by hand. We can mould and/or cast whatever you have in mind. 

(Pictured right: Silicone Matrix moulds with fibreglass jackets. Made for our curated whale models)


We do casting from our own moulds, or ones you provide. We can cast in virtually any material. Commonly we work in urethane foams, resins, casting plaster, silicone, fibreglass and epoxy resin. 

(Pictured right: Clear resin casts of food, moulded in silicone from real pieces of fruit and jelly.)