Exhibition, Display, Themed Attractions

Human Dynamo has done a lot of work over the years for themed attractions, expos, trade Shows, tourist attractions, aquariums, signage and art installation. 

Here are a few examples of the kind of work we do for exhibition and displays.

  • Te Ahu - Kaitaia
    Kuaka Installation : Where Journeys Begin.
  • Megalodon Jaws
    Recreating the jaws of a prehistoric Megalodon shark presented an exciting challenge for Human Dynamo's workshop and studio.
  • Megalodon Shark Head
    An interactive life size shark head that is used by Kelly Tarlton's as a photo opportunity for its visitors.
  • World Cultural Expo Aichi Japan 2005
    Human Dynamo were asked to create the concept artwork and final production of a giant 75 square metre cloud for installation in the NZ expose pavilion. The Expo ran from March to September 2005, during which time the New Zealand pavilion attracted over four million visitors.
  • Weta for Hukawhai Glacier Centre
    Hukawhai Glacier Centre provides a glacier themed experience for tourists in the New Zealand South Island town and glacier area of Franz Josef. This is a 3 metre long fibreglass model and is one of several exhibits we did for them. It is an accurate enlargement of a male Wellington Tree Weta. (A large grasshopper like insect that is native to New Zealand). As we created and retained the molds for this Weta. Additional giant, creepy Wetas can be ordered and purchased from us.
  • Tuatara Hatchlings
    Karori Sanctuary Trust - Te Mara a Tane - Required an educational display of model Tuatara hatchlings. For this job we sculpted in jewelers wax, before casting in resin and hand painting. The longest finished hatchling was 120mm long. The models enabled the Sanctuary to safely demonstrate how tiny tuatara babies are. Scale 1:1. Delivered 2008

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