We make unusual things

At Human Dynamo Workshop we make unusual things. We are a creative and technical company that supplies fabrication, model making and physical, fully finished products from our studio and workshops in Miramar, Wellington, New Zealand. 

Human Dynamo Workshop delivers to clients worldwide and locally. 

We execute 3D solutions and model making in a wide range of materials and to any scale. 

Our workshop services include; Design, CNC cutting, 3D printing, mould making and casting, vacuum forming and fabricating. 


About Human Dynamo

We make clients' unique concepts or designs physically real utilising the highest levels of craftsmanship, technology, creative excellence and artistry. We are a creative workshop and studio that manufactures three dimensional solutions, within the constraints of commercially realistic budgets and deadlines.


Human Dynamo services

We are makers, industrial designers and artists with the skills to create the big, the small, and the unusual.

Our workshops and design studio are well equipped facilities for Design, CNC cutting, fabrication and model making. We can develop, cut, fabricate, paint, deliver or install your creative concept to the highest standard.


Human Dynamo work

Human Dynamo has over thirty years of Fabrication and Model Making experience. We have large portfolios of work to showcase.

We make it

Please note: Prior to 2010 Human Dynamo Workshop Ltd was called Human Dynamo Modelmaking Ltd.