3D Printing

3D printing is one of the most exciting new technologies in the world right now. It is also of course a very important development in the world of fabrication and model making. Human Dynamo Workshop have always been early adopters of technology. We now run three 3D printers in our printing suite at the workshop. 

As part of the services we offer we can design or edit files for your 3D printing project, we can also take on any solid 3D file and convert it into a printing file. Or if your file type is already an .STL or an .OBJ we would be happy to print that for you.

Although our printing beds have a size limit we can print multiple sections of a larger object and piece them together. 

With our 3D printing, as with all of our other services, we can always go further in refining your project. We can clean and finish your print, mould it, cast it, and/or paint it.


Our 3D printers


We have 2 Formlab printers.

These printers use laser technology to activate catalysation of light sensitive resin. This catalysed resin can form into highly detailed 3D prints.

Our formlabs can print to a size of: 120mmx120mmx150mm


The Mingda is a larger 3D printer. This printer works by extruding PLA or ABS plastic and fusing it into a structure to create a 3D print.

Our Mingda can print to a size of:


The best way to predict the future is to create it. 

- Peter Drucker

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