CNC Workshop

High quality router cutting and milling

Our facilities house state of the art CNC router cutting equipment and very experienced CNC operators and technicians. We offer CNC profile cutting, CNC 3D milling, and complete CNC router cutting services at our workshop in Miramar, Wellington.

State of the art equipment

Human Dynamo Workshop's digital fabrication services include four 3-Axis CNC router cutting machines, laser cutters, and three 3D printers. We are able to CNC router cut a range of materials including wood, plastics, composites, and selected metals. 

Two-Dimensional CNC Cutting

Two Dimensional CNC cutting is a rapid, efficient, and versatile technique for a variety of applications. Our routers are capable of accurate and intricate vector profile cutting on a wide range of flat materials, and our skilled technicians can help you to determine the best process for your requirements. 

Wrapping table Queensgate Shopping Centre fabricated by Human Dynamo. Production Company: West Mark Productions. Producer: Mark Westerby

Queensgate wrapping table design drawings

Queensgate wrapping table flat packed

Display Cone at the Queensgate Shopping Centre fabricated by Human Dynamo. Production Company: West Mark Productions. Producer: Mark Westerby

Queensgate Display Cone interior structure cut on the CNC

Assembly of lettering on the Display Cone



Three-Dimensional CNC Cutting

Our CNC facilities and technicians are capable of manufacturing high quality, engineering grade geometries for a wide range of applications, i.e. fiberglassing, casting, and modelmaking.

This technique is highly versatile and is capable of creating engineering quality componentry, masters, and moulds. Our techniques are able to produce hard surface and organic forms. 


CNC vacuum forming pattern from 3D scan of actors faces for Weta.


CNC cut sand casting mold for shaker base

CNC cut sand casting mold for shaker flywheel

Finished shaker

Moa Pelvis 3D Scan

Moa Pelvis CNC 3D cutting


Pattern and mould making

We provide full pattern and mould making service; from design and prototyping to fabrication and finishing.

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- MDF and composite boards

- Plastic - Acrylic, PVC, ABS

- Aluminium

- Solid timber

- Plywood

- Polystyrene and Polyurethane 

Machine Sizes

CNC router cutting machines:

Three axis CNC router : 3000L x 1500W x 200H mm.

Three axis CNC router :  2500L x 1300W x 200H mm.

Roland MDX540 three axis CNC router : 500L x 400W x 155H mm. 

Onsrud 3 axis CNC Panel Pro - 3.6 m L x 1.5m W x 200mm H (the z axis.)