Ag Research

Human Dynamo has created specimen models of coconut beetles for Ag Research. This project is part of the Pacific Response to Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle (CRB-G)  initiative to develop long-term solutions to control the invasive CRB-G using biocontrol-based integrated pest management. The beetles are known to kill coconut and palm oil trees causing huge damage to an essential source of food and economic prosperity.

The models are scientifically accurate enough to educate in identification and robust enough to survive handling in-service, tropical climates and last for a number of years.


Coconut Beetle - life size

These life size models of coconut beetles aid in remote education. Scientists use the models to teach people in the Pacific Islands how to identify the CRB-G and differentiate between the male and female of the species.

Coconut Beetles fresh of the 3D printer

The unpainted beetle

The beetles legs are printed in a flexible material for durability

Liz airbrushing beetle legs

Final details


Coconut Beetle - Bigature

The large scale coconut beetle is used to teach people how to perform a basic dissection procedure to extract the beetle’s digestive tract for further sampling and analysis.

Anatomical assembly


Art Direction: Tony Drawbridge | Sculpt: Ula Rademeyer | Paint Lead: Sacha Lees | Paint: Garry Buckley, Liz Turner, Eleanor Pepperell | 3D Print + Modelmaking: Adelle Kristensen | Modelmaking: Luke Ellis, Pat Crowe-Rishworth