Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost?

Our first step is to assess the job and work out the best and most economical way to approach it. Then we will give you a price. We give you this enquiry time for free.

For CNC cutting our mininum cutting price is $120 + GST. 

Cost is based on time and materials. We can most accurately work out cut times for router or laser cutting if we have good vector files. We are always able to give a price on anything.

What materials do you work with?

We work with almost every material available. We can CNC cut Cibatool, plastic, wood, plywood, MDF and aluminium. Our lasers can cut and engrave most plastics, leather, fabric, card, MDF and thin plywood.

We also work with moulding materials like fibreglass, silicone rubber, urethane resins, and foams.

We use many types of paint including furniture and car lacquers, water-based acrylics and enamels and specialist airbrush inks.

Do you work for Weta?

There are a few local companies with the Weta brand. The larger ones being, Weta Workshop and Weta Digital. These two companies do work for the film industry in Miramar, Wellington. Some of our work is for the same film industry or films currently in production here.

Human Dynamo Workshop has always had a very amicable relationship with Weta Workshop. We help each other out sometimes, but we run a separate businesses. We do work for a wide range of clients.

How long will it take?

Every job is a priority job. we have a history of delivering creative and technical work to challenging deadlines.

However reasonable or generous, deadlines will not compromise your job.

Can I talk to you about my idea or design?

We love looking at any idea or design and assessing how we can help you. We are happy to contribute our knowledge and experience to make it happen as creatively, efficiently and economically as possible.

What File format?

We can generally interpret any CAD file, And we can convert many file types and designs into a cuttable format. We run Rhino 5, Adobe creative suite, Autodesk Inventor suite, Corel draw and Zbrush. For more information information check out our page on File Formats or get in touch with us.

Can I work for you for free or do an Internship?

The film and creative industries are very attractive to a lot of people. We get many enquiries about working for or spending time at our workshops. Mostly we do not have the time to accommodate these requests.

Very occasionally we do take on an intern, if we have the work for them, and if the situation is a 'Win Win' for us and the intern. Preference is for an industrial design background and someone who is strong in CAD, but also artistic.

There is more information on our Recruitment page.

How do you get to become a Model Maker?

Modelmaking is a constantly evolving industry. With 3D printers, CNC routers and laser cutters, much hand made work is gone. Most of the model makers we use are industrial design graduates originally. But we have had employees from the UK that were graduates of specific model making courses. Time working in the workshop, with the range of work we do and under the guidance of Rob Uivel expands individuals skills and knowledge of the processes of fabrication.

Can you CNC this?

We have CNC router cut everything including chocolate bars, trucks, 3D scans, boats, furniture, carvings, fences, wall coverings, lampshades, glass blowing moulds, movie props, etc. Most objects, even large ones can be broken down to fit on the router in parts to be reassembled. Our routers have a resolution/ accuracy of .03 mm. The largest bed size is 3.6m x 1.5m.

More information on our CNC router machines

Can you Laser Cut this?

Human Dynamo Workshop has 2 laser cutters. The largest size we can cut is 1300m x 600mm.

We can not cut metal or glass. We can cut most plastic sheet, MDF, card, fabric, leather and some plywoods.

More information on Laser Cutting.

Do you have a Rapid Prototype Machine?

Yes we have three 3D printers; two formlab 3D printers that can work up to an accuracy of 0.5mm and can print an object up to 120mm cubed, and the larger Mingda Glitar. 

Still have a Question?

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Finished fiberglass Model of a Weta made for Hukawhai Glacier Centre situated in the New Zealand South Island town and glacier area of Franz Josef.

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