Dark Sky Project Stars

Human Dynamo created several large translucent spheres, ranging from 0.9 to 2.4 meters in diameter as part of an interactive science and tātai aroraki (Māori astronomy) experience.

Visitors to the center are invited to touch the vibrating orbs, which represent stars in our solar system.

The paint finishing and illuminated pulsating center creates a visually stunning and other-worldly experience for the participant.

Art direction credit: Aaron Richardson of Thoughtful Design. 

A still image capturing the swirls of the Suns surface.

Visitors touch the illuminated Alpha Centauri B star model.

Alpha Centauri A & Alpha Centauri B models.

Master painter Sacha Lees, airbrushes detail onto the glowing Red Giant Star (Xi Hydra) 2.4 meter orb model.

A visitor touches the illuminated 1.2 meter in diameter Alpha Centauri B star model.