Definition of a 'Human Dynamo':


1. 'A highly energetic and indefatigable person'.

2.'An energetic person with unusual initiative'.


Rob Uivel

Founding Director - Business

Rob is the original Human Dynamo and founder of the company. He is a highly skilled problem solver, with a wealth of experience of materials and processes. He has over 30 years of experience in model making, film art department support, exhibition and industrial design. 

Rob shares client liaisons and sales with Max Uivel. 
Additionally he is an industrial ceramics specialist and runs Lyttelton Pottery Ltd. 

"You spend a lot of your life working. So it's best to make your work something you like doing."

Sue Dorrington

Director - Creative

Sue is Human Dynamo's artist director. Sue shares the governance of Human Dynamo Limit with Rob Uivel. Working on the company as well as in the company on selected projects. Specialist tasks include paint finishing and art direction.

Sue is a talented artist, sculptor and conceptual thinker.  

"Never stop looking."

Maxwell Uivel

Business Performance Manager

Max works across a range of roles. He shares client liaisons and sales with Rob Uivel. Analyses and communicates on the company’s direction and performance. Takes care of problems as they arise, and supports the team to find solutions. He works on a flexible time basis. 

Max drives innovation and product development. Specialist tasks include research and development of 'Capi' motion capture helmets for export.  

Matt attended The University of Auckland NZ. Where he graduated with a BE (Hon) in mechanical engineering with Honors.  

Matthew Houghton

Manager, Production 

As Manager of Production, Matt knows exactly what going on in the workshop at all times. He brings together the required people, materials, knowledge and a plan to realise the clients' visions and projects.

Matt has a passion and talent for making and creating. His roots are in the world of fabrication and professional boat building. 

Specialist tasks include project managing and leading expertise in composite, fibreglass and wood construction.

Deb West


Deb is Human Dynamo's bookkeeper. Email Deb for account enquiries.

Deb is an independent bookkeeping contractor. Her business Bookkeeping Plus has provided services for Human Dynamo since 2011.

Joe Bridley

Senior Designer and Maker

Joe heads the CNC Workshop and is an experienced talented industrial designer.  Skilled in Fabrication, machine programming, 3D modelling and designing. He programs, runs and maintains the workshop CNC machines. Specialist tasks include creating artist content and design. 

Solving problems as they arise. Joe works directly with some clients and leads teams on authorised projects. Managing, time and resources to deliver successful jobs. 

Joe holds an Industrial Design degree from Massey University. 

Justin Bain

Senior Designer and Maker

Justin is an Industrial Designer and CNC technician. He is dedicated to thinking  though jobs and getting machines to do the work. He has a wide range of making and fabrication skills. Designing with meticulous standards and preparing cut files and operating any of the workshop CNC machines. Specialist tasks include working in the metal shop.

While he can work autonomously, he is a great collaborator. Taking responsibility for jobs, managing teams, time and resources to work efficiently and deliver successful projects.

Justin holds an Industrial Design Degree from Victory University.

Sam Forte

Intermediate Designer and Maker

Sam moves between the design studio and the workshop floor covering both physical and digital fabrication. Designing for CNC, processing 3D prints, and product design and development. Sam is a fast CAD designer with great ideas.

Sam is a very talented sculptor. He can see form in a very natural way.

Sam joined our team in 2022 after graduating with a Bachelor of Industrial Design (Hon) at Massey University.

V ( Joshua ) Horobin

Senior Designer and Maker

V is new to New Zealand. Originally from the UK where he trained and worked in film / product and architecture model making.

As a Human Dynamo he is a senior maker with experience across a wide range of skills both digital and physical. V is capable of turning his hand to any given task and solving problems as they arise. Specialist tasks include 3D modelling/printing and laser cutting.

While he can work autonomously, he is a great collaborator. Taking responsibility for jobs, managing teams, time and resources to work efficiently and deliver successful projects.

V attended the University of Hertfordshire, UK. Where he graduated with a - BA Hons Model Design and Model Effects | First Class Honours.


 Creative people working together.




Past and Present Human Dynamos.

Over the years Human Dynamo Workshop has employed many creative individuals with incredible talents and skills. 

Their integrity and passion has shaped our portfolios and reputation. Some were subcontractors that have just been with us for a short while, while others became long standing members of our company. 

Many have gone on to become successful model makers, entrepreneurs and business owners in their own right. 

Human Dynamo's directors would like to acknowledge and thank them all for putting a bit of themselves into the work produced here at Human Dynamo Workshop.