Kiwi experience

Human Dynamo created a giant luminous egg to help bring to life the incubation process of the kiwi bird.

Visitors to Rainbow Springs are able to step inside the large cracked egg that houses educational technology.

Exhibition design credit: Aaron Richardson of Thoughtful Design.

The giant kiwi egg in situ.

Internal lighting creates a magical share-worthy photo silhouette of a child playing inside.

Some kiwi motifs are projected onto the surface of the giant kiwi egg.

Educational and interactive fun for visitors.

Matthew Houghton and Adelle Kristensen on site installing the large Kiwi egg for Rainbow Springs.

Matthew Houghton in the process of constructing the kiwi egg base.

Adelle Kristensen during egg fabrication.

Internal structure to support the eggs skin during fabrication.

Back-lit kiwi egg embryos

To further educate visitors to the permanent exhibition, Human Dynamo also fabricated a range of kiwi eggs.

When back-lit the eggs show embryos in different stages of development.

A model of a kiwi egg with out back lighting.

A kiwi egg model back-lit revealing the detail of a kiwi embryo.

A back-lit kiwi egg model revealing an embryo at stage 3 of growth.

A back-lit kiwi egg model revealing an embryo at stage 4 of growth.