Working for Human Dynamo Workshop

In General

Thanks for taking an interest in us. Human Dynamo Workshop is a small but mighty company. Over the last couple of years staff numbers have fluctuated between 4 to 15 people depending on the workload.

We often receive applications for work, however there are a very limited number of full time positions that we offer.

To handle the fluctuations of work flow, we often use self-employed contractors that have particular talents or skills that relate to the job in hand. We give priority to our known pool of contractors, people who have worked for us before. We do our best to keep them busy but this is not always possible.

Recruitment Policy

Applications are seen by appointment only. Please do not turn up at our door with your folio of work, email to arrange an appointment to come and speak to us. In your email include a brief CV and portfolio of a few pieces of your best work, include a link to your website if you have one. All applications are accessed and filed. We'll get back to you if we are interested


In an interview, we would be looking at:

  • Skill sets and training.
  • Physical modelmaking and technical workshop experience.
  • Knowledge of materials.
  • Creativity. How you are artistically talented and where your strengths lie.
  • Computer fluency and software understanding.
  • Your passion. What aspect of industrial art/model making you are most interested in.
  • Personality, your fit in our team.
  • Whether you are a New Zealand resident, and what your long term plans are.
  • Preferably you must hold a drivers licence.

New Zealand has very strict immigration and work-permit laws. There are many young talented kiwis keen to start a career in our field.


Work experience or internships are uncommon. We have offered them in the past, accessed on a case by case basis. Ideally we look for people from an industrial design background and someone who is strong in CAD software but also artistic.

Internships are never accepted for more than two weeks on an unpaid basis.

Good luck on your job search.