Hand Pendant - Lisa Walker

About the Artist

Lisa Walker is a contemporary jeweller based in Wellington, New Zealand. "Walker uses a vast range of materials and construction methods. She creates objects that consciously simmer with influences from all aspects of culture and life. The pieces are often laced with references to contemporary jewellery of the past forty years, as she questions and researches what jewellery means and what it could be. Walker largely positions her work around the history, the future and the boundaries of jewellery" - Lisa Walker


About the Work

"The pendant below, made from an anatomical model, switches from a medical science narrative to the language of adornment. And yet the reproduction of a human hand in this way plays on the emotions. It’s unsettling, but Walker touches and expands on the history of jewellery and its connection to the human body." – Justine Olsen, Curator Decorative Art and Design


Freshly painted hands ready for assembly


Making the moulds

Hand finishing

Parts ready for paint

Paint tests

Sue our Creative Director modelling the finished pendant