Hamilton Office

Human Dynamo created Agricultural theming for Rabobank's new Hamilton office. We followed the project through design, fabrication and installation to produced a range of works that make Rabobank Hamilton a special place to be.


Down To Earth Wall

Down to Earth is a large installation over a wall behind an informal Client meeting and entertaining space in  Rabobank head office. Human Dynamo Workshop designed, developed and created a 3D mural based on an aerial view of a piece of rural New Zealand. 

Our client Rabobank NZ, named this space 'the kitchen table'.  They wished to entertain and meet with visitors who on the whole come from rural businesses, Agriculture and Horticulture.

Down to earth installed in Rabobank's Hamilton office

"I took a bird's eye view of farmland as a whole. Individually paddocks are portrayed by individual materials, chosen for their texture, form, colour and relevance. These panel or fields simulate pasture, crops, and land in different states. This choice of materials is confined to ones that are recognizable and relatable to agricultural and horticulture sectors. Building a bridge between the bank and their core clients. But also presented an artistic branding to all customers, visitors and staff. The spacial artwork aims to be a talking point and promote connection and sense of belonging. In turn relaxing those in this coffee station and ‘kitchen table’ zone of the bank offices.

Each panel has its' own story, told through its materiality and history. Some new finishes speak to the current and future environments in farming. While found objects and elements reference to history and time worn processes, via their substance and patina. Each material is recognisable in itself and also portrays an alternative perspective, seen through the DOWN TO EARTH lens." 

- Art Director Sue Dorrington

Each panel was carefully considered and designed to represent the different sectors of farming. Focusing on what is worked with, rather than the end products, produced by the agriculture and horticulture sectors.

Tolerances in between each panel reference fence lines, laneways and roads. The panels are able to be swapped out if need be or desired.


Dawn wall

The light of dawn is such an intrinsic part of the day in rural life. For the farmer the dawn represents the start of the new day and the work which lays ahead.

For Rabobank the dawn represents the new business day, bringing with it the hope of cultivating new relationships and a continued commitment and care to your existing clients.



Core Sample Pillar

The Core Sample Pillar displays regional soil types display as core sample. The pillar is wrapped in stainless steel evoking the milking equipment of the dairy industry. The soil samples are cast in resin to display their unique characteristics.



Reception desk and Coffee Station

Human Dynamo crafted furniture from American white Oak and American hard maple for Rabo Banks lobby space. The design speaks to the farm table and to lumber yards.




Wall decals

Graphic treatments developed for lockers, cupboards and walls reference the banks focus on the food and agribusiness sectors.



Privacy screening

Privacy screens for meeting rooms were developed using a long panoramic monotone, landscape with different sections applied to different rooms.