Mortal Engines (2018)

Mortal Engines is an American - New Zealand co-production post-apocalyptic adventure film that blends wonder and technology with brutality. 

Human Dynamo created Shrike's automaton. A mixture of model making techniques including mechanical fabrication, molding, casting and finishing were employed to create this creepy imitation of a human being - fitting for its owner.


Automaton Prop.

In the film adaption, Moral Engines character 'Shrike' is a resurrected man which inspires both pity and terror. Due to Shrike's residual memories of it's former life as a human, it forms an unusual attachment to childlike dolls.

The intricate metal framework of the automaton.

Rear view of the automaton hero prop. 

The automatons inner metal skeleton. 


Shrike's automaton.

Head detail of Shrike's automaton hero prop.


Movie still - the character Shrike interacts with the automaton.

Movie still - Shrike's POV of the automaton.

In production - the earlier version of the automaton model.

Version 1 of Shrike's automaton model.


Console controls

Just as important to the films narrative as their human counterparts - land and airships heavily featured in the 'Mortal Engines' film adaptation. Human Dynamo was responsible for creating and fabricating physical functional hero controller props for the actors to interact with.

To further expand on the lavish steampunk aesthetics of the 'Mortal Engines' world - Human Dynanos team also created and fabricated detailed set componentry.

'Salzhaken' - Daisy ship functional helm hero prop.

A CAD rendering in preparation of production of the Daisy helm.


Dominic Taylor inspects the finish on the 'Salzhaken' - Daisy ship wheel.

Rear view of the Daisy ship helm.

'Salzhaken' - Daisy ship wheel.

'Jenny Haniver' airship functional hero prop controls.

Detail of the pre-production CAD model rendering.

Functional controller model of the 'Jenny Haniver' airship (Red airship).

Detail of the 'Jenny Haniver' airship functional controller.

Front view of the 'Jenny Haniver' airship controller.

'Jenny Haniver' airship controller detail.

'Jasmin' airship controller functional hero prop.

CAD rendering of the 'Jasmin' airship controller.

The completed functional hero prop model of the 'Jasmin' airship controller.

'Idiot Wind' airship controller functional hero prop.

CAD rendering of the 'Idiot Wind' airship controller.

The completed functional hero prop model of the 'Idiot Wind' airship controller.

Controls, panels and dials.

'London Wheel House' controls functional prop.

Completed 'Cora' flight control panel.


London wheel house set console with functioning control levers.


Movie still - London wheel house console and control levers in action.


In production - various airship flight control levers.


Movie still depicting the 'London wheel house' set with background pressure gauges fabricated by Human Dynamo. Actor Hugo Weaving plays the character of Thaddeus Valentine in the film.