Avatar The Way of Water

Human Dynamo Workshop supplied a large amount of props, set fixtures and detailing for the live action studio scenes for Avatar The way of water, directed by James Cameron and filmed in Wellington City, New Zealand. Working with the art department and set dec, we helped bring these amazing designs into a physical form for the studios. From consoles, hand props, sets, and the odd stunt item. There are pieces by Human Dynamo feature in nearly every scene with humans.



3D print, lazercut, metal fabrication


Bio Scanner

3D Print, Paint, LED


Fire extinguisher

3D print, molding and casting, paint

Custom 3D printed handles
Soft stunt bodies 




Holo tables

CNC, 3D print, Fabrication, Paint


Tulkun Drill



Human Dynamo Fabricated over 10 different consoles for Avatar the Way of Water.

Fabrication of base form

Adding details

Surface finishing








Table Legs