Resene Total Colour Awards

Resene Total Colour Awards

Jugdes praise vintage eclectic colours

The Moore Wilson’s Porirua Bottle Warehouse project, started with a blank canvas to design and develop the liquor outlet at their Porirua branch. Human Dynamo Workshop worked with the Moore Family management team to create a spatial design solution that invited customers from the Porirua region into the large warehouse space. With Sue Dorrington lead Art Director.

The south side of the warehouse was to display spirits and required a counter between the public and the bottles. This counter is styled as an elongated vintage launch.

The far wall features the Craft beer boat shed, were you can refill bottles and browse the wide selection from the fridge.

The north wall recreated a typical line of four boat sheds, each housing distinct categories of wine. The central floor space in the middle of the warehouse displays wine boxes on pallets.

The recreated boat sheds, are totally coloured using Resene paints. They provide an intermittent space for wine shoppers. The large warehouse space now has a layback vibe that relates to it regional location.

The space was developed to feel local, relaxed, celebratory, familiar, entertaining, and creative.
Colour palettes were inspired directly by the boat sheds found at the Paremata inlet in Porirua, which themselves are rich in colour scheme, variety, and nautical charm.


Resene Total Colour Commercial Interior Public + Retail Award

Moore Wilson's - Porirua Bottle Warehouse by Human Dynamo Workshop.

“Cheerful, friendly and lively, this wine and beer sales location has a personality of its own. Drawing on history it brings together a charming nautical experience and colourways for an uplifting shopping experience. With an eclectic and slightly vintage use of colour, and a nod to history and the local coastline, it feels like it has always belonged.” 

This project uses a colour palette of 20 colours, including Resene Madang, Resene Kandinsky, Resene Pohutukawa, Resene Paris Daisy, Resene Edgewater, Resene Broom, Resene Sanguine Brown, Resene Bright Red, Resene Wan White, Resene Space Cadet, Resene Clementine Orange, Resene Dust Storm, Resene Milk Punch, Resene Hairy Heath, Resene Brown Pod, Resene Clockwork Orange, Resene Red Planet, Resene Lonestar, Resene Pirate Gold, Resene Black and Resene White.

Moore Wilson's - Porirua Bottle Warehouse
An uplifting shopping experience

Posted: Tue 25 Sep 2018