Te Papa – Te Taiao | Nature exhibition

Human Dynamo was a lead contributor of scientifically accurate endemic 

flora and fauna models for Te Papa – Te Taiao | Nature exhibition 2019.

Utilising the latest in-house technology and craftsmanship including digital sculpting, 3D printing, biological specimen moulding and paint finishing, HD's team fabricated over 40 specimen models.

Human Dynamo liaised with scientific experts to ensure every detail was accurately captured in the finished models.

Sacha Lees and Tony Drawbridge's process is captured during the finishing stages of a large scale Mayfly lava model - one of over forty specimen models created by 'Human Dynamo Workshop' for Te Papa – Te Taiao | Nature exhibition 2019.

"I found the team at Human Dynamo to be exceptional in their focus, commitment, and production quality; taking a mix of photographs, photocopies and preserved specimens to create fish models that looked as if all they needed was water.

Some of the older models that were re-painted and re-worked I had thought were beyond salvage, but the end result was spectacular. Problems were overcome with innovation and talent. 

It has been a pleasure to work with such gifted and passionate people."

- Andrew Stewart.  Assistant Curator NE (Fishes)

Exhibition Designers: 

Clayton McGregor & Rosanne Kwan

Scientific Experts:

Birds: Alan Tennyson & Colin Miskelly

Marine Invertebrates: Rick Webber

Mollusca: Bruce Marshall & Rodrigo Salvador

Fish: Andrew Stewart

Insects: Phil Sirvid & Julia Kasper

Plants: Lara Shepard & Leon Perrie

Lead Contributors

Tony Drawbridge, Sacha Lees, Garry Buckley, 

Dominic Taylor, Adelle Kristensen, Elliot Gonzales, 

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