Richard Taylor of Weta Workshop

Richard Taylor of Weta Workshop
Often times, there is a need to recommend a potential client to another model making company if we are too busy at 'Weta Workshop.

Rob Uivel, and his company 'Human Dynamo' is our immediate recommendation to anyone requiring high-end, visually impacting and professional model making services.

In Rob Uivel I have always had complete confidence that he and his team will deliver above the mark, of the highest quality, and with a professional and enthusiastic approach, to both local and international clients.

We are still very lucky in New Zealand that we have a community of film makers and technicians that are supportive and encouraging of each other, and therefore it is with enthusiasm that I support Rob Uivel and his company, and the wonderful work that they are achieving for the big and small screen alike.

Richard Taylor
Designer and Supervisor
Company Director
Weta Workshop

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